Lift Maintenance - Peter Jones - Temple Lifts

Further Lift Maintanance – Peter Jones, the Flagship Store

JLP look to change

In 2013 we took over the lift maintenance at the JLP flagship store, Peter Jones, from the original manufacturer, who had cared for the lifts since 1936. The 14 passenger and goods lifts had various refurbishments, but had become unreliable, with poor housekeeping and lift availability, which impacted negatively on store trading.

The Temple approach and solution

Working with JLP Head Office Team and store management, we studied the site conditions and reviewed the performance history. As a result, JLP agreed to a partial refurbishment scheme on the main 4-car lift group, for completion by Christmas 2013.

The Result

We delivered the project on time and to budget, and also implemented a detailed service approach, which included out-of-hours servicing to ensure the lifts meet the demanding needs of customers is such a high profile retail location.

The initiatives we put in place yielded quite dramatic improvements in lift availability, by reducing breakdowns and downtime.

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