The environment is at the very core of Hitachi’s business strategy, which is why the company is a Principal Partner of COP26 – the UN Climate Change Conference, taking place from the 1st to the 12th of November in Glasgow, Scotland.

The COP has met each year since 1995, to review the implementation of the Convention. Each COP elaborates and builds on the decisions and resolutions of previous COPs, with the Kyoto Protocol adopted at COP3 in 1997, being one of the better-known agreements. At COP21 the ‘Paris Agreement’ was reached and has been widely proclaimed as a historic deal and one that will inevitably lead to decarbonisation.

Following this plan, the COP26 summit will bring together delegates from 195 countries to accelerate actions towards the goals of the Paris Agreement: first and foremost, to tackle climate change and contain the increase of the planet’s temperature to below 1.5°C.

The agreements that will be reached at the end of COP26 are not binding for the countries that take part in the conference, but it is based on them that the official roadmap for sustainability action plans in each country will be drafted. This is why COP26 is regarded as the world’s most important conference in the fight against climate change.

Temple Lifts’ parent company Hitachi has taken on an ambitious goal; to become a climate change innovator by helping governments, cities and companies to cut carbon. The breadth of Hitachi allows it to combine information technology, operational know how and physical products to tackle climate change – and ultimately improve people’s quality of life. Hitachi is applying that same innovation to its own business, to become carbon neutral by 2030, and Temple Lifts is supporting these sustainability goals by continuously reviewing and minimising our environmental impact.

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