There are several situations where a complete/full replacement of a lift provides a viable solution over partial lift modernisation, that may include aesthetics, electrification and drive systems.

These could be:

  • General age of the lift and its machinery 
  • Ride quality 
  • Change of technology – Hydraulic to MRL 
  • Change of technology – MRL to Hydraulic 
  • Machine room to machine-room-less MRL 
  • Difficult machinery and technology integration 
  • Change of usage 

Benefits of a complete/ full lift replacement

  • Performance
  • Appearance
  • Compliance to latest standards and requirements 
  • Energy efficiency 

Potential increase in lift car size

Whatever your circumstances, if you are considering a modernisation process that could lead to a complete/full lift replacement, Temple Lifts can help with advice and guidance on the options open for undertaking a complete removal of your existing lift and replacing it with a new lift.

We are well-known for the modernisation work covering complex multi group lifts in medium to high-rise buildings. However, across the country, we routinely and successfully undertake low-rise traction, MRL and hydraulic lift modernisations that do not have the profile associated with high-rise city centre modernisations, gaining greater awareness.