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Appearance, Controllers & Buttons

Even when your lift performs well, it can be easy to overlook the importance of aesthetics. With time, many factors can contribute to a worn and tired appearance.  Even when every effort has been made to keep your building up to date, an outdated lift can create entirely the wrong impression of a modern premises.

It could be that the back wall of the lift car has been vandalised or that the steel door frame has been constantly rubbed against since installation. If this is the case for your building, Temple Lifts can help with a range of solutions to address the poor visual appearance of any lift.

Lift Interior Design

Our services range from minor aesthetic improvements, or your lift may benefit from an entirely new and modern interior. Our experienced, in-house design engineers will advise you on available options and provide drawings and samples of finishes. With Temple Lifts, we provide every option to help you decide on the best route forward, taking into account budget and time scales.

For more information on any of our lift modernisation services, contact us today via our email form or call us on 020 8851 8900. You can also visit our lift modernisation FAQs page.

Controllers and Buttons

Today’s lifts utilise solid state technology in their computer-managed controllers, lift car and landing call and control buttons. Therefore, when assessing poor performance of any lift, the assessment has to include the electronic technology that manages it.

Temple Lifts is not a manufacturer of lift equipment, however, we do maintain close relationships with all of the leading equipment suppliers both OEM and independent. As a result, we review and recommend established and newly developed products as a matter of our day-to-day business when planning any modernisation or refurbishment of a lift.

  • Lift Controllers for single or multiple groups of lifts
  • Lift Control panels and buttons that are:
    • Fully compliant with EN 81-70
    • Designed for lift modernisation and replacement of existing lift systems
    • Bright dot matrix or LCD displays
  • Tactile and Equality Act compliant buttons
  • Options for voice annunciators
  • Custom sizes and finishes