The paternoster – an elevation icon designed in Britain in the 1800s; with an open design and no-stopping, constant rotational movement between floors. Their safety and incorporation is frequently disputed, especially with how lift technology is advancing today.

June the 1st saw a new law passed which forbade the use of paternosters in Germany unless users had undergone safety training. However, the backlash from paternoster fans and users across Germany was unrelenting, and so the law has now been made more flexible, allowing people to use them once again, but still urging some precaution.

With limited numbers of these lifts left across the UK, you might be surprised to know that Temple are able to undertake paternoster repairs, despite the rarity of their spare parts and obsolete equipment. Most recently, we repaired the famous paternoster in the University of Leicester back in May, much to their gratitude.

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