Are you looking for lift industry vacancies? Together with our customers, we believe the quality of our staff is the positive differentiator that sets us apart in the industry. Our ethos of non-discriminatory people development has allowed us to create a highly dedicated and customer-focused workforce. Temple Lifts’ Engineers are well known for problem-solving and open communication. As a result, we have benefited from increased work from our customers who manage single and multiple lift and escalator installations across the areas of our service coverage. Due to this growth in activity from our existing customers and entirely new business our lift and escalator service portfolio has been growing year on year.

To ensure that our high levels of customer service are maintained as our portfolio grows we are again looking to appoint new employees based at various regional locations.

We are an equal opportunities employer with strict anti-discrimination policies which includes age, sex, origin and disability.

The individuals we seek will be ambitious, willing to adapt and improve their skills, have a hard-work ethic and work well as a team. If you think you have the skills and can-do attitude we are searching for.

Our current lift industry vacancies are:

No current vacancies.