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Lift Maintenance – The Institute of Directors (IoD), London SW1

Routine maintenance and a controller replacement for the IoD — improving lift reliability

Project Reference: Lift Maintenance

There can only be very few business professionals who have not heard of The Institute of Directors (IoD). Founded in 1903, today the IoD has become the longest running UK organisation for entrepreneurs and professional business leaders.

The IoD’s primary location is located in the heart of London’s West End on Pall Mall, occupying a premium Grade 1-listed building. With a membership of over 34,000 and large proposition of whom undertake business meetings in London, 116 Pall Mall is likely to have some of the most discerning business visitors in the UK. So, everything has tobe perfect and on-the-button throughout the building at all times.

For some time, to help achieve a high level of service availability of the building’s lifts, Temple Lifts have been successfully maintaining the front and back of house lifts at the Pall Mall facility.

However, there was one of the older back-of-house lifts that fell below the high reliability standards of the IoD – the building’s well-used goods lift.

The Temple approach and solution

The lift was already under maintenance agreement with Temple Lifts so our Technical Specialists were aware of the problem – an older technology lift controller. So, discussing the reliability issues with the building’s management team we proposed a cost-effective and up-to-date solution to replace the lift controller. The work to replace the controller took place during a major building refurbishment programme. During this period the building was still in use, so Temple’s main priority was ensuring work was scheduled and completed on time, whilst also making sure disturbance to surrounding works was minimised.

The Result

Now installed and fully operational, the goods lift has become a reliable asset of the IoD, and an able assistant for those working in the building.

Ongoing maintenance with Temple Lifts

Temple Lifts are continuing to provide lift maintenance services to the IoD for the lifts at 116 Pall Mall to ensure they continue to perform reliably and safely as expected for lifts within such a prestigious, greatly-used building.

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