In March this year, Hitachi has announced a change in its organisational structure for the Building Systems Business Unit (BSBU) – of which Temple Lifts is a part of – in order to strengthen the business’ global growth.

Before this change, Temple was just one of a large group of Hitachi subsidiaries globally included in this Unit. Now, BSBU has been subdivided into two sections: a mature market sector called Southeast Asia (Japan, China, Asia), and a more agile business operations driven sector named Strategic Focus Markets (SFM), which includes India and the United Kingdom (Temple Lifts).

To accelerate agile business operations driven by each region, Hitachi and Hitachi Building Systems have appointed a head for each of the regions, and Koji Ide, the previous General Manager of Elevator & Escalator Division, has now been appointed as SFM Head.

As part of this restructuring, Hitachi has also made a change in the management side, strengthening the authority of the Branches, which meant that Temple Lifts Management team has been made Statutory Directors, which comes with additional liabilities and regulations.