Can Temple Lifts help with frequent lift breakdowns?

A number of factors can contribute to repeat breakdowns, including the condition of  the lift, its usage, its age and the frequency and quality of the servicing regime. Our engineers are adept at diagnosis and applying first time fixes on most lift types and makes, so we can always help or carry out a technical study and offer an improvement plan.

Do you carry spare parts for all lifts?

Our service engineers carry toolkit and van stocks for the more common parts. Via their internet-based PDA they can access our regional stores for less common parts. We also source same-day or next-day delivery on parts from third-party specialist distributors who hold comprehensive stocks of most other parts.

Who do we contact for emergencies and out-of-hours?

You can contact our 24/7 Emergency Helpdesk for emergency assistance requests and responses to trapped passengers on 020 8460 1332. Our internet-based service system logs and tracks calls to completion and allows communication with field engineers via their PDAs or smartphones.

What are your response times to breakdowns?

Whenever you contact us, we agree response times with you at the outset. We then assign the response times within our service system to your individual lifts and use real-time monitoring via our Emergency Helpdesk with PDA or smartphone updates from our engineers on status to ensure timely response. We use traffic light tracking for systematic escalation.

Can I talk to someone at Temple Lifts about breakdowns?

You can contact a Temple Lifts service representative by phone on 020 8460 1332. Alternatively, you can submit your name and telephone number using the form on the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.