Today, in an increasingly competitive market for lift maintenance, is the least expensive the best answer?  Sometimes it could be, if you are just looking at numbers, but maybe, when you stand back and look at the overall picture and just what in reality is included in a basic contract and how the contract is managed, the numbers may not be so attractive.

As a company with a long history of delivering high levels of quality services relating to lift and escalator maintenance, we are proud of our record of exceeding customer expectations. We never lose sight of costs and how important it is for customers to attain value for money, particularly when maintaining an asset that has a projected life expectancy.

When taking on a new maintenance contract, Temple Lifts will survey the equipment and identify potential problems so that our customer can be made aware if there is a likelihood of unplanned expenses. If we find any issues, we provide a diagnosis, along with a plan, options, and costs, as part of our service provision. Our findings and proposals are designed to overcome unexpected lift-out-of-service costs and downtime.

So, when standing back and comparing maintenance prices, there are very few where a direct comparison can be made when considering price, reliability, repetitive call outs, and relationships. All of which, are crucial to Temple Lifts and our customers.

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