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Modernisation – Help & Information

Can Temple Lifts modernise my lift?

We have a proven track record in various improvement works from safety compliance to full replacement. With the exception of some structural components, we can replace all parts on every lift irrespective of type, make and age. We are highly regarded by clients and professionals and can offer many testimonies and trophy sites. For more details, please visit our Projects section.

What are the benefits of modernisation?

There are many benefits to modernising a lift including safety, disabled access compliance, improved performance, reduced waiting times, accurate floor leveling, less downtime, environmental gains and aesthetic enhancements. A lift modernisation project can be tailored to your business objectives and costs, as well as benefit gains in terms of the building efficiency and retention or improvement of lettings.

What do I have to do to comply with Equality Act legislation?

The Equality Act 2010 requires building owners and tenants to provide safe and easy access to all parts of the building for persons who are disadvantaged in any way. There is detailed legislation on how this applies to lifts which is best summarised in a compliance study and report which we are happy to undertake.

How much does a typical lift modernisation cost?

The cost of a modernisation can only be determined from a site visit and technical survey matched to your improvement requirements as a basis for a full quotation. As a guide, please visit our Refurbish or Replace page which demonstrates varying works you may choose and the budget cost for a typical lift.

How long does it take to modernise a lift?

The scope of works on a modernisation have to be agreed before the lead in time for securing materials and the on-site time for physical works can be defined. As a guide, please visit our Refurbish or Replace page which demonstrates varying works you may choose to do and the associated on-site duration for a typical lift.

Can I talk to someone at Temple Lifts about modernisation?

You can contact a Temple Lifts service representative by phone on 020 8851 8900. Alternatively, you can submit your name and telephone number using the form in the contact section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.