Lisa Coombs, Temple Lifts’ Compliance and Key Account Manager for Midlands & the North, shares regular monthly walks with a group of friends, doing an average of 14 miles each time. She says:

‘With the exception of a 2-day hike in the Lake District last year, I had not done any real walking.
I vowed never to walk that distance ever again.’

However, back in April when she was invited by her friends to do the Hadrian’s Wall walk – an 84-mile challenge – over just five days, Lisa quickly said ‘Of course!’.

Armed with copious amounts of blister plasters and ibuprofen, she set off from Bowness-on-Solway on August 9th and bravely completed the trek at Walls End on August 13th. She describes the experience as follows:

‘I have always been a determined person, but I do doubt myself quite a lot. Day three was by far the worst of all and it did test my resilience. I knew I was not mentally ready to give up but I thought I would have to, because my feet were so painful. But, I mustered up some more grit and determination from somewhere and got on with it. My body felt broken and my feet were in a sorry state.’

After this outstanding feat, one could think Lisa would be ready to hang her boots but alas, she admits:

‘[…] That said, I have seen the words ‘Coast to Coast walk anyone?’ mentioned in our group chat… I have not actually said no. What will I decide?’

Your determination and resilience are enviable, Lisa. Congratulations!