Does Temple Lifts install new lifts?

We install new lifts and replace old lifts at competitive prices and on minimal timescales. We offer bespoke and pre-engineered lifts for most duty ranges including passenger and disabled access lifts, and goods and service lifts. We provide machine-room-less as well as traditional hydraulic and traction lift formats. Please contact us for a technical study and review which can often be undertaken on the phone to establish budgetary proposals.

Can you provide Disabled Access Lifts and equipment?

We offer a range of products for use by disabled passengers. These range from conventional passenger lifts, through to specialist and more economic platform lifts, step lifts and other equipment for exclusive use by semi-ambulant persons. We can also improve your existing lifts to achieve compliance with the Equality Act 2010. Please contact us for a technical study and review of your building.

Can I get a quote for a new lift?

We are incredibly competitive and, with regards to price and delivery performance, we compare favourably to our competitors. We are happy to provide a quote for a new lift project, but we need some specific information to be able to do this. To get a quote for your lift installation project, get in touch with Temple Lifts by phone or  via our email form on our Contact page.

Should I Modernise or Replace my lift?

Current condition and future requirements are the first considerations. Both approaches will improve your lift performance and compliance. Modernisation may appear to cost more but it will not require the higher costs of associated building, structural and decorative works, not to mention the longer site timescales and disruption often required with a new lift replacement scheme. Please contact us for a technical study and economic review of both options.

How long does it take to get a new lift?

Depending on whether you choose a pre-designed lift or bespoke design, it will take between 8 to 12 weeks to deliver from order to manufacture once all details and finishes are agreed between us.