Traditional traction lifts are typically suited for lift installations in residential and commercial applications such as office blocks and apartment buildings Traditional traction lifts require a motor room above the lift shaft. This allows for the installation of larger and more powerful motors/drives, that are used in either machine-room-less-lifts or hydraulic lifts. As a result, traditional traction lifts offer higher speeds and provide increased options for lift car size and capacity.

Virtually all of the traction lifts we install or modernise are designed and specified, specifically for the building they serve. As a result, our design and engineering teams work in collaboration to ensure the ideal equipment is chosen for your project. Depending upon the choice of equipment, regenerative systems can be included in most modernisation of new build projects.

The types of traction lifts we install and modernise include, but not exclusive to, are:

  • Goods lifts
  • Low to high rise passenger lifts
  • Medium to high rise passenger lifts