With winter just around the corner, it’s important to be aware of the effect that extreme outdoor temperatures (both hot and cold) have on the way your lift runs. Now is the time to make sure you have a comprehensive lift maintenance plan that prevents any inconvenient breakdowns, due to the seasonal temperature drop.

Hydraulic Lifts

In hydraulic lifts, the recommended temperature of hydraulic oil is between 5-40°C. So if the temperature falls outside this range, it can cause hydraulic oil viscosity changes as well as speed and levelling problems, when it reaches a floor or ceasing to function completely.

Now is the time to check that motor room heaters are working efficiently and your customers may want to consider the addition of an oil tank heater or oil change, if the oil is degraded or perhaps contaminated.

Traction Lifts

For traction lifts, cold weather can have an impact on the machine’s mechanical parts such as dry rails. When the temperature drops, the lubricant can dry out, causing friction between the moving lift and the guide rails. Preventative maintenance and evaluation for adequate lubrication can help prevent this problem.

Temple Lifts’ preventative planned maintenance is aimed at reducing unexpected lift and escalator failures and the inconvenience of equipment downtime. All of the lifts and escalators that we maintain undergo an initial survey, to establish a performance benchmark for your equipment. For more details, visit: