Lift Modernisation & Destination Control


No. 1 Bartholomew Lane is a high-quality Grade A office development directly opposite the Bank of England. The 11-storey plus lower ground floor building has three lifts, operating under an original manufacturer’s (OEM) destination control system. The OEM lift controllers with destination control had become unreliable and had not been functioning to the standard required by the building’s managers.

The process

As the lifts were already under a Temple Lifts maintenance contract, we had built up a lift reliability profile and had identified the technical issues that were causing the problems. With this information, we were able to have a detailed discussion with the Lift Consultants and Property Managers about lift performance. To address the immediate and potentially long-term technical issues, the decision was made to install new Kollmorgen lift controllers along with their destination control solution. The three lifts, one of which was a Fireman’s and passenger lift serving the eleventh floor, were working under group control. As requested, Temple Lifts provided a detailed budget estimate with time frames and were delighted to receive approval to proceed

Our work

Due to the high-profile and occupancy of the building, we took great care to avoid significant disruption for tenants and visitors. To help achieve this, our engineers and technicians worked through the night to remove the existing lift controllers and wiring, they then did the same when installing the new equipment and ancillaries. Additionally, on the occasions when day work was required, we only took one lift out of service at a time.

Like other Central London projects, managing delivery logistics requires careful planning to achieve accurate delivery times of equipment, which is particularly relevant for locations where material storage is at a premium. This was a particular issue in this instance, as vehicle access and parking in this area is a problem.

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