Vehicle Lift Installation


77 South Audley Street now referred simply as 77 Mayfair, is five-storey development of premium apartments with a triple basement containing facilities for car parking, a swimming pool, gym and leisure facilities.

With such a high-profile building and location, the finished standards for this entirely bespoke large car lift had to match the expectations of the discerning residents. The through car vehicle lift would be transporting long wheel-based Rolls Royce limousines, so payload and dimensions were critical to the design and manufacture of this large lift car.

Our process

Temple Lifts were approached by the building consultants and asked to attend a meeting with Mayfair based developer, Luxlo and McLaren Construction to establish exactly what was needed from the vehicle lift, its duty and appearance. Temple Lifts’ Technical Specialists proposed various options for manufacturing and installing this very special vehicle lift and after a hosted visit to IMEM’s facilities in Spain the decision was made, and our client’s choose the IMEM vehicle lift.

Our work

Temple Lifts initial task was planning the procurement of the equipment needed to complete the installation. The heavy-duty hydraulic lift will travel just under 8 metres between the pavement levels and the lower basement, will be powered by a GMV hydraulic drive system. Work was undertaken during the building construction by our installation team who worked closely with McLaren Construction’s Project Managers to avoid clashes with works programmes and site deliveries. An additional element of the project was for the new lift to carry building materials to and from the basement for a period of six months whilst the upper floors were being fitted out. This would require the lift being partially refurbished at the end of this period to reinstate it to its new condition.

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