Improvements and upgrades to a lift within an eight-storey premium residential mansion block in London location


With premium apartments in Bloomsbury changing hands for in the region of £1.5m +, having fully functional and easy to use lifts for residents and visitors is essential. As part of Temple Lifts’ London portfolio of some of the most desirable residential properties in the capital, we work closely with customers who own and/or manage these properties, so understand the need for reliable support. One of the lifts in the eight-story mansion block at Russell Square WC1, had been showing signs of age and although the overall performance of the lift was satisfactory there were some issues with the lift door operation.

The process

In situations when a lift that is under a Temple Lifts’ maintenance plan, is experiencing age or heavy usage problems, our local service engineer will produce a detailed report on the lift’s status to discuss with the senior members of our maintenance and modernisation team. With this information and discussions with our client, we subsequently undertook an engineering survey of the lift to cover the problems we had identified. Additionally, we were asked by our client to provide options to improve the lift’s aesthetics and ride comfort.

With the survey completed, we provided a budget estimate along with time frames for completion. Shortly after our submission, our client agreed to the partial lift modernisation that we had proposed.

Our work

The partial modernisation included the replacement of the lift car and sling, full rewire, new car operating panel, signalisation and a new car and landing door operating system.

The modernisation took place in an occupied residency, so we took extra care to ensure that any inconvenience, noise and disruption for the residents and visitors were always kept to a minimum. On completion, the lift was restored to full-service availability with our client now delighted with the lift’s appearance, ride quality and functionality.

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