Lift modernisation in a premium mansion block


London has a wealth of outstanding Victorian town houses, many of which hold English Heritage’s Grade II listed status. Knightsbridge is one of these locations where heritage buildings are to be found on virtually every road, mews or square. The owners of a six-storey, including lower garden floor, Victorian town house in Cadogan Gardens SW3 had decided that their passenger lift needed to be replaced to improve its performance, appearance and to enlarge the car size.

The process

Temple Lifts were approached and asked to provide a range of options and budgets that would address the needs of the building’s various residents, relating to their passenger lift. In response to the request, Temple Lifts undertook a detailed site survey, including shaft and existing car measurements to ascertain options for the car enlargement.

Following on from the lift survey, we had several customer meetings to discuss the various options available for increasing the car size and improving the lifts aesthetics, bringing it in-line with the premium status that the building holds. We also discussed how our engineers work and interact with residents in an occupied residential building. With the discussions completed, Temple Lifts submitted a detailed estimate and project timeline for consideration. Following our budget submission, we were pleased to be awarded the modernisation contract for this premium passenger lift.

Our work

Like many projects of this kind that we undertake in densely populated city centres, vehicle offloading can present a problem, hence logistics need careful planning. With this undertaken, we commenced the lift modernisation programme, which included the construction of a new larger lift car to accommodate an additional person. Fortunately, the existing lift shaft dimensions made this possible without any building works.

To enhanced lift performance, we replaced the lift motor and controller, shaft wiring and door gear. Signalisation was improved, including a new car operating panel and landing call stations. Temple Lifts’ engineers worked with the residents to ensure inconvenience was kept to a minimum during the modernisation. On completion, the lift was thoroughly tested and put into service to the delight of the residents.

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