Key Elements

Scenic Lift Modernisation 
The Mandela Walk, Southbank Centre 

Great supplier-customer relationships almost always orientate around good service and honest communication. Both are characteristics that Temple Lifts are well-known for by our customers. One customer in question, the Southbank Centre, one of the UK’s best-loved artistic centres situated on London’s south embankment, have been using Temple Lifts for their lift maintenance and modernisation for several years.

One of the lifts at the Southbank Centre that Temple Lifts will be modernising is an external two-stop hydraulic scenic passenger lift, located in the Southbank Shopping Centre’s paved Mandela Walk. Those who visit the centre will know the principal feature of the upper level of the walk is a bronze bust of Nelson Mandela.

The problem that was being experienced was the scenic lift’s hydraulic system had become troublesome because of summer heat causing the system’s oil to lose its viscosity which made the lift unreliable during periods of high temperature.

The engineering team at Temple Lifts were asked to provide a solution to address the reliability issues and generally update the lift. Due to the age of the lift and costs for undertaking a comprehensive modernisation, the decision was made to replace existing hydraulic equipment with an MRL system along with other safety upgrades that will address the needs of the Southbank Centre.

Temple Lifts engineers, working from our Bromley offices, will be starting on the modernisation project with a pre-summer completion date.

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