Machine-Room-Less Lifts - Temple Lifts

Hydraulic lifts are often used for low-rise or low-usage applications as they often provide a lower cost option to either traditional traction or AC powered drives configured in a machine-room-less (MRL) solution. Hydraulic lifts are often specified for residential properties and for 2 and 3 story shops and stores. Temple Lifts often installs and modernises these types of lifts over a range of sectors including the two mentioned.

However, when it comes to factors such as energy saving, more environmental or high-usage applications, including faster speeds then MRLs (Machine-Room-Less Lifts) are often the chosen solution. A big advantage of an MRL system is that it eliminates the need for the machine room. This is because the drive motor is placed at the top of the lift shaft, above the lift car. As a result, the whole system is more space efficient and saves costs related to the construction of the machine room. Conversely, in the case of hydraulic lifts, the hydraulic hose is often required to run through the wall, floor or the ceiling from the machine/hydraulic tank room to the lift shaft. Hence space (a machine/hydraulic tank room) is needed to accommodate the equipment.

Today MRL systems have become one of the most popular options for lift owners irrespective of market sector and Temple Lifts has installed new MRL lifts and replaced both traditional and hydraulic equipment with this well-established system. Most recently we have undertaken full replacement projects (hydraulic to MRL) in a group of commercial properties at Tottenham Court Road and St. Swithins Lane. Both have involved a number of hydraulic lifts being replaced with MRL systems, one in particular requiring destination control as a feature of the new installation. So if you are considering a refurbishment or replacement of an existing lift irrespective of drive technology Temple Lifts have the expertise and experience to help guide you through the project from concept to completion.