As lifts are becoming ever more technically sophisticated, the need for specialist technicians to deal with occasional hi-tech problems and repairs has become essential to ensure that customer service and satisfaction is always prioritized.

Addressing this important issue, Temple Lifts employ senior lift technicians tasked at supporting requests on any occasion when a problem arises that goes beyond the technical capabilities of our engineers, typically where a hi-tech issue or fault requires specialist technical knowledge in order to overcome it.

That’s where Temple Lifts’ senior lift technician crew come in. Each of our technicians are highly experienced in lift technology, multiple lift groups and destination control, as well as working with lift systems that are more technologically complex.

It’s the way we train them or so they say! As our lift portfolio grows, so does the range of hi-tech lifts. To address the ongoing needs of maintenance for these lifts, we are already training additional engineers to become senior lift technicians to ensure we continue to provide the high level of service we have become known for.