In all of the regions where Temple Lifts operate, we always look for ways to partner with our customers, to help bring our local staff closer to the communities where they work. Recently, our London team have partnered with leading East London property management companies to participate in a school pupils’ awareness programme.

The programme orientates around schools in the Docklands area, with Temple Lifts’ locally-based employees visiting state schools in partnership with our client to explain how lifts and escalators work, their technology and how to travel safely in lifts and on escalators.

As part of the talk we are giving, the Temple team are also speaking about being aware of the danger of accepting lifts from strangers. Temple Directors felt the play on words of ‘never give a lift to a stranger’ allowed their team to include this valuable message about safety to the pupils. Alas, the alternative ‘Don’t accept an Escalator from a stranger’ just didn’t work but it did raise a smile!

To reinforce our message, the Temple team are handing out junior-size hi-vis vests with the message Don’t accept a lift from a stranger’ along with some less serious but, nevertheless, welcome gifts including  Kids boot bags and Temple-branded plant seed bags.