Today marks the day that Temple Lifts switch over to our newly designed website!

Temples old website design

From old…

new Temple website design

To new!

The decision for a new website refresh was agreed on the basis that whilst our old website functioned well, we felt that the site’s usability could be improved in various places as website technology is continuously progressing year after year.

With an improved layout and structure, we hope our visitors and customers find it easier to navigate the site and find the appropriate information you are looking for. One of the bigger additions is the new central navigation on each page, which provides quick, easy links to relevant information to the current page that is open. On the homepage, the central navigation is home to our easy access FAQs to answer your queries on specific services.

In terms of the design, we have incorporated a brighter colour scheme, high quality images and updated our informative animations, as seen on the refurbish or replace page. The website is also now fully functional on mobile phones with a responsive layout to make it easier to access the website’s content on the go, and we hope that overall the new design makes for a more enjoyable and informative user experience.