The Covid-19 Coronavirus is a matter of great concern to us all and something that will develop further in this country as it has now in many cases around the world.

With many acts of God that we have witnessed in previous times, planning and preparation can sometimes limit the impact these alerts have on ourselves and others. At Temple Lifts Limited we have reviewed our processes to understand the impact Covid 19 could have on our business and you as our customers. An action plan, resources and continuation of business strategy has already been developed and passed to our staff given the recent declaration that Covid 19 has become a pandemic with risk to life in the UK.

Appropriate measures will be followed in line with UK Government advice, and our parent company Hitachi’s guidance.

Accordingly, the Board of the Company and our parent company Hitachi have been monitoring daily the reported progress of the virus and the official announcements, preparing itself to ensure the wellbeing and ability of its employees to continue to deliver critical service (Continuation of Business Continuity Plan) and to support our customers, but as is clear that whilst we remain to deliver our services, this ongoing fluid situation may change at short notice.

Our first care beyond our own staff must be to those sites and customers deemed to be priority. Under any Government guidance, and with possible depleted engineer resources, our first priority must be high risk sites such as hospitals, emergency service sites, vulnerable people homes and medical institutes.

Temple Lifts, like other suppliers and services in our sector are forced to deliver the best possible service during these unprecedented times and would always strive to honour our obligations. Please be assured that Temple Lifts will look to continue to our best possible delivery in such difficult times but will remain communicative at all times.

In partnership with all of our customers we continue to work closely with you to understand your own assessment of buildings and premises where we may not be able to access as we have already encountered a number of such incidents whereby access has been declined in a bid to prevent any possible spread of infection.

We thank you for your understanding and further updates may be communicated at short notice.