Temple Lifts have been making headlines with our reliability. We have been the maintenance contractor for twelve lifts in 150 Cheapside, London and, as a result of our excellent service, we have featured in the first quarterly newsletter for the premises.

As one of London’s major landmark office buildings, 150 Cheapside sets high standards from the outset with its striking glazed exterior. For a building with such a presence, real estate firm, Cushman and Wakefield needed a first-class reliable lift maintenance service – and that’s exactly what they found with Temple Lifts.

Special mention goes out to Lee Vigurs, Temple Lifts’ maintenance engineer who visits the property every week to carry out routine maintenance on a range of lifts including six passenger lifts (two of which are scenic), 2 fire-fighting lifts, a 2,000kg goods lift, a vehicle lift and a 1,800kg motorcycle / bicycle lift.

We have noticed an improvement in the reliability of the lifts since Temple joined us… John Thompson and Jenny Burton, on site Management Team