Temple customers are always keen to see how we perform, and rightly so, as in many cases the lifts we service are in premises well away from the administration facilities. We are not complacent about performance, in fact exactly the reverse, and that’s why we believe our KPIs speak loudly about our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our headline service KPIs based on a portfolio of over 5,000 lifts and escalators are as follows:

• Over 50% of lifts had zero breakdowns
• 82% had 2 or less breakdowns
• Total calls per unit were 2.4 per annum
• Over the past twelve months, Temple Lifts’ engineers completed 11.2 service visits per unit even after holidays and sickness.

Temple Lifts take an analytical approach towards the management of the various lift portfolios we are entrusted with, and as a customer driven business, by using KPIs we can identify weaknesses or specific equipment problems that will help us to improve our customer experience.