Temple Lifts are extremely honoured to have accepted one of only four supplier awards at the annual John Lewis Supplier Conference 2014, co-hosted by MML.

Temple Lifts have been servicing and maintaining John Lewis’s Lifts since 2008. The conference saw over 100 supplier representatives attending from an array of specialist fields; from refrigeration systems to rodent control – every area was covered. From these suppliers, the JLP Management team had been working together to decide who their top four outstanding contributors were for the past year when it came to the running of their stores.

To have received such a prestigious award was an extremely proud moment for Temple Lifts. We believe it’s down to our overall passion, relentless energy and our constant willingness to work closely with everyone at JLP and MML who manage the facilities in their stores. Additionally, we have been consistently dedicated to solving any issues or problems within their stores as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining communication at all times. JLP noted that we are an incredibly reliable partner – a partner that works safely and efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lastly, Joint Managing Directors, Barry Harden & Steve Hamlin of Temple Lifts have asked to pass their gratitude to all of the hard-working members of the Temple team who work on the JLP portfolio. It is because of their willingness to go the extra mile that we have succeeded in gaining this award; quite simply, we would not have won it without them. From our field engineers to admin and management, we are thankful for their continued dedication to the JLP and of course, Temple Lifts.