Lift Installation - Temple Lifts

Alongside lift installations and maintenance, Temple Lifts specialises in nationwide lift modernisation.

Complete replacement of a lift is often impractical due to the design of the existing installation or surrounding environment, building work requirements and associated costs. In such cases modernisation may be able to harness the benefits of the latest technology and bring the style of your lift up-to-date with less disruption and for a more affordable price.

Lift modernisation typically involves the replacement of components within the lift i.e. lift controllers lift machines and door operating systems, which are replaced and thoroughly updated to enhance the reliability and performance of the lift.

There are plenty of reasons to consider modernising a lift:

Compliance with the latest regulatory standards

Lifts are subject to strict Health & Safety legislation covering codes of practice and standards. Potentially any lift installed prior to the introduction of these rules may be in breach of the law. Modernisation could allow you to comply with up to date legislation without the need for a full lift replacement.

Improved passenger flow and lift performance

Older lifts often mean bumpy rides, disconcerting noises and buttons that don’t do what they’re meant to do. Modernisation may involve the replacement of lift control panels, drives and door operating systems. The result? A quicker lift with smoother journeys, shorter waiting times and a reduced risk of breakdown.

Enhance reliability and lower maintenance costs

Old and unreliable lift components are the most common causes of lift breakdowns, leading potentially to expensive repairs and downtime. However, the replacement of these components in conjunction with regular maintenance will lower the lift downtime and most importantly, offer enhanced reliability and lower running costs.

Temple Lifts offers a wide range of customer-tailored modernisation and upgrade options. Visit our modernisation page to learn more and fill in our enquires form.