Is it time to upgrade your car operating panel?

If your lift’s car operating panel (COP) is more than ten years old, it may be time to upgrade it to one that is both compliant with the relevant accessibility legislation including The Equality Act 2010, and to ensure all of the buttons and displays are working perfectly.

One major consideration is that of how easy the lift is to use for passengers with vision or hearing impairments.  A new COP or even an upgrade can include tactile buttons that also buzz and light-up when pushed. Most high traffic lifts will have voice annunciators, whilst not a mandatory feature they can be very helpful for keeping passengers informed of the lifts position.

There also must be careful considerations in place for the needs of wheelchair users. There are things that people without visible disabilities don’t think twice about, for example being capable of physically reaching the lift buttons. So, there is another reason you could benefit from upgrading your COP. Make it user friendly for your passengers.

Here at Temple Lifts, we provide cost-effective accessibility solutions that improve and enhance the experience of everyone using a building’s facilities.