Environment - Temple Lifts


We aim to operate in a way that ensures good environmental management and awareness of our responsibilities both morally and legally. We balance business needs with the need to protect our local and global environment.

We have a strong commitment to sustainability and minimising our impact on the environment in all that we do. We endeavor to always operate in a way which ensures good environmental management by being aware of the environmental impacts of our operations, balancing business needs with the need to protect both our local and global environments.

Our Environmental Policy demonstrates our commitment to comply with all relevant legislation and to minimise pollution, resource usage and wastage, where feasible through continual improvement.

Our commitment is to identify all of our activities that have the potential to cause an environmental impact and provide adequate resources to minimise or prevent any negative impact. All of the products and material we provide are sourced in the environmentally aware and ethical markets of Western Europe with short eco-friendly distribution.

Temple Lifts Environmental OBJECTIVES:

  1. Reduce/remove the risk of accidental release of Asbestos into the atmosphere
  2. Remove the risk of oil spills and leaks
  3. Ensure hazardous waste and waste oils are recycled and appropriately disposed of
  4. Reduce vehicle fleets Co2 emission levels and fuel consumption by 5% PA
  5. Reduce energy consumption in each of our premises
  6. Recycle all office and site waste materials via licensed and approved contractor
  7. Provide environmentally friendly products sourced from eco aware suppliers