Lift modernisation is not only required for aesthetic reasons, but it can also be a more economical solution in comparison to a new lift installation. Technology, legislation and changing passenger usage are often some of the reasons behind the decision to modernise a lift. The services we can provide include smaller projects such as lift controllers and lift door entry systems, right through to full-car refurbishment. Lift modernisation provides the opportunity for your lift to become more environmentally friendly, have improved performance and become updated in compliance with the Equality Act 2010.


Many of our customers choose to undertake a lift modernisation for the following reasons:

  • Improving the lift’s performance
  • Improving the lift’s appearance
  • Making the lift compliant with the 2010 Equality Act (DDA)
  • Making the lift more environmentally friendly


Even a lift which receives regular servicing can experience problems. With older lifts in particular, normal wear and tear can gradually affect the reliability of the lift. Your lift may need to be refurbished if:

  • Waiting times are too long
  • The lift breaks down often
  • The lift drains power when in use
  • The lift is noisy

When you experience problems with your lift, the cost of installing a new lift, not to mention the disruption, can be daunting. Fortunately, many common lift performance issues can be solved by replacing old, obsolete components with newer, more efficient equipment.


With 30 years of lift modernisation experience, Temple Lifts refurbishes and modernises a wide range of lifts regardless of make, age or type. We have a full national coverage with offices in Kent, Hampshire and Staffordshire. We put the needs of the customer first and offer flexible, customer-tailored refurbishment and upgrade options. When you choose Temple Lifts, we will always:

  • Conduct a site survey
  • Provide a report with recommendations and solutions
  • Carry out a thorough risk assessment survey
  • Identify components in need of replacement
  • Consult you prior to carrying out any work
  • Deliver the most appropriate options for each customer
  • Maintain regular contact

Our portfolio of clients includes The Co-Op Group, JLP Waitrose and Holiday Inn, as well as some prestige real estate companies. We regularly receive praise from our clients on account of our approach to customer service and, of course, the work of our highly qualified lift engineers.To discuss your lift modernisation options, call us today on 020 8460 1332 or fill in our email form. You can also visit our lift modernisation FAQs page for more information.