In almost every lift modernisation project that Temple Lifts undertakes, the issue of energy efficiency is one of the primary objectives to take into account. This is of even more  value for those customers modernising heavy usage, old style power hungry traction motors.

Over the past decade, new technology has helped with high power energy saving, environmentally friendly and regenerative drives, ideal for almost all lift modernisations. To ensure that we are always on top of developments, Temple Lifts’ engineers focus on all new and emerging products that are likely to assist with improving the energy efficiency of our customers’ lifts and escalators.

As part of any lift modernisation, consideration should be given to low energy lighting and lift stand by. If your project includes a hydraulic pump, we will recommend environmentally friendly biodegradable oils.


More than ever, energy efficiency and environmental lifts are being requested by lift customers throughout the UK. To meet this need, Temple Lifts constantly monitors what technology is being developed and released to the market. With this gathered information and our experience of lift technology, we can help to select the most environmentally friendly drives, controllers and equipment for your lift.

Our joint goal will be to specify and install a lift that will be as environmentally friendly as possible within budget and to specification.