Temple Lifts can provide goods lift and service lift solutions which are suitable for mixed use (passenger and goods) or goods only. We design, supply and install platform lifts, hydraulic lifts, traction lifts and machine-room-less lifts for low to medium-rise buildings.


With the constant development in technology over the years, the range of capabilities and budgets for goods lifts, service lifts and platform lifts has become larger than ever. All our hydraulic lift, chain lift and electrically driven lift installations are compliant with both passenger travel EN81 and goods part M of the Buildings Regulations, goods only Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992.

The range of service lifts and goods lifts that we can locate include:

Service lifts

  • Dumb waiters

Goods lifts

  • Retail Goods lifts
  • Warehouse Goods lifts
  • Loading Bay Goods lifts