Key Elements

Hitachi ON1 MRL Lifts
Evans Turner Custom Lift Cars
6 Stops Basement to fifth floor
Speed 1.5m/s
8-Person capacity (630kg)

Hitachi ON1 our contract award

The process started in 2019, when Temple Lifts were approached by L&R Hotels through their Iconic Luxury Hotels division to discuss the lift requirements of the new altered and extended premium Mayfair Townhouse Hotel in London’s exclusive W1 area. The new 172 room, 5-storey plus basement hotel is located at 27-41 Half Moon Street and occupies the site of the former Grade II listed, Hilton Hotel, Green Park and originally scheduled to open during early summer 2020.

The two Hitachi ON1 lifts arrived in the UK early 2020 during the first COVID lockdown period so great care was taken to closely follow Government Social Distancing guidelines. We also strived to assist L&R Hotels with their programme dates and worked on-site in strict isolation from other trades to minimise any risks to our installation team.

Project specification requirements and extensive testing

There were three principal requirements for the new lifts, two being ride quality and low operational noise levels, these were important as there are rooms relatively close to the lifts. The third was reliability which was demonstrated way beyond doubt based on historic Hitachi data presented at tender stage. To discuss this along with other requirements, our London Major Projects Manager had several meetings with L&R Hotels. Apart from the technical requirements of the lifts, each of the bespoke lift cars had high-end leather finishes.

As the lift installation approached its completion, our senior testers undertook performance testing which included ride quality and subsequent benchmarking against other MRL lifts. We were delighted to confirm that the Hitachi ON1 MRL lifts installed at The Mayfair Townhouse have exceeded our ride test standards that we had originally discussed with L&R Hotels for this premium new luxury hotel.

Installation timeframes

Although the lift installation was completed to agreed time frames, the initial opening was rescheduled for the autumn of 2020 which alas was again moved but this time to April 2021 as a result of further lockdown periods.

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