Bespoke lifts - bespoke lifts design and installation services

Bespoke Lift Design

At Temple Lifts, we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work where bespoke lift design is concerned. With a bespoke lift design, the existing building conditions must be taken into consideration, as well as the individual customer’s demands.

Lift Service Experience

With 30 years of experience with bespoke lifts, our designers and project managers can assist with a bespoke lift installation regardless of the complexity of the project. We tailor all of our bespoke lift designs to suit the existing architecture, complicated lift design specifications and premium lift design finishes.

High-Quality Lift Solution

As a leading lift supplier and lift installer, we have no allegiance to any third-party manufacturer or supplier. We select all of the products we use based on their quality alone. Our objective in all cases is to provide a lift that meets the needs of both budget and performance, taking into account the range of technologies available.

Temple Lifts can help with:

  • From single lift to complex group lift projects
  • Conceptual lift design
  • Specifying
  • Procurement
  • Assembly
  • Lift installation and lift testing
  • Lift commissioning

If you need a bespoke lift designed to your specific requirements, contact Temple Lifts today via our email form or call us on 020 8851 8900.