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Passenger lifts maintanance – 150 Cheapside, London EC2


Temple Lifts were awarded the contract to maintain 12 fairly new, highly specified and technology managed, ThyssenKrupp passenger lifts. The portfolio included a 6-car group of scenic lifts, working together and managed by technically advanced lift controllers, typical of those used today in high profile buildings. The remaining six lifts all used machine-room-less technology.

Our approach and solution

150 cheapside buildingOur customer had been experiencing problems with lift availability, reliability and response times. As expected in such a high profile building, with blue-chip tenants, this poor performance was generating frustration and complaints from all who used the lifts.

Our service team, working with the building manager and lift consultants, devised a lift improvement plan around very high service delivery specifications. These included out-of-hours servicing, elevated KPIs for response times, in-depth housekeeping, including glass finishes in the scenic panoramic lifts.

A member of our senior team carried out detailed site studies on each lift and performance of the group systems to allow for the creation of a practical improvement plan. The plan required investment on our part to procure specialist site diagnostic and testing tools.

We also defined a strategic spares plan and implemented a weekend servicing regime tailored to the equipment type. To help restore the building occupant’s confidence in the lifts, we significantly increased the on-site time of the dedicated Temple Lifts technician and raised the level of communication with building management team.

The Result

Over the first seven months of the contract, we have achieved 100% service visits, completed the annual SAFed tests, closed out 100% insurance reports, completed all of the site safety assessments, and, importantly, reduced breakdowns by 50%.

As a result of improved lift availability for passengers we were complimented in the building’s internal newsletter.


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