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Lift modernisation – 88 Leadenhall Street, London EC2


The building is located on Leadenhall Street, a renowned financial district in London, home to the headquarters of several large-scale companies. Temple Lifts were awarded the project in August 2013, regarding five lifts that had recently been modernised. Unfortunately, the customer was still experiencing lift breakdowns and poor response times, which was having a direct impact on the building.

Our Approach and Solution

88 leadenhall externalAs with all contracts of this type, our Technical Manager spent time on-site surveying each unit, which highlighted the reliability problems with the lifts. This included the establishment of a clear understanding of client expectations and service KPIs, whilst also providing a detailed site study of lift operations. With this information, we set about making the adjustments needed to improve lift performance, including upgrades of the control systems. During the first months of our contract, we applied our routine and proven performance improvement programme. Additionally, Temple Lifts also implemented an action-based improvement plan and maintenance regime, including out-of-hours servicing, which maximised lift availability and reliability in office hours.

Weekly site meetings with the building management team, and the increased site attendance by technicians, dealt with any issues of performance and reliability with the utmost efficiency.

The Result

Temple Lifts provided the building with 100% service visits, with three of the buildings’ lifts requiring attention due to malfunction, and one other lift needing no upkeep at all. Moreover, our standards of service and reliability have met the KPI target in the framework tender agreement, and we have provided the building with a premium lift servicing solution.

As a direct result of our work, the building experienced immediate improvements in lift performance, and a significant enhancement of lift availability; essential for a medium rise building with a premium profile in the heart of London.


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