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Lift Modernisation – Grosvenor Gardens & Grosvenor Place, SW1

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Project Reference: Lift Modernisation

For a long period of time, Temple Lifts have been servicing lifts in prestigious buildings across London, and as a result, we have successfully built a portfolio of customers who own and/or manage some of the most desirable properties across London’s premier West End locations.

Good examples of the type of service Temple Lifts provide can be seen in two modernisation projects located at Grosvenor Gardens and Grosvenor Place SW1, due for completion during 2015. The modernisation work at Grosvenor Gardens relates to a seven-storey, mixed occupancy building with three lifts running from the basement to the top floor. The project duration for this lift modernisation spans the summer of 2015 with a programme completion date of September 2015.

Also in close proximity, Temple Lifts are assisting one of our long-standing lift service customers by relocating the lift controller to the top floor of one of their Grade II listed buildings. Overlooking Buckingham Palace Gardens the property is located in Grosvenor Place SW1 and recently had some refurbishment work completed. Initially installed on the ground floor, our customer was looking for a solution to gain extra space, so decided the ideal place for the controller was in the motor room at the top of the building. A fairly straightforward process for the Temple Lifts Modernisation Team who will be testing the lift after the controller move, to ensure all is well with the lift and that reliability and lift passenger safety is reinstated to the high levels our customers are accustomed to with Temple Lifts.

The Temple approach and solution

In keeping with our typical approach towards lift modernisation projects, we entered into discussion with each of these clients to review their specific needs. In one instance, there was a clear need to undertake a fairly extensive modernisation including the drives and controllers. The second of the two projects related to options for increasing the floor space of the ground floor lobby. In both cases, our modernisation team provided option-based lift solutions accompanied with budgets and proposed time frames.

The Result

Temple Lifts were awarded both projects with planned completion dates spanning the last quarter of 2015. Once completed the replacement of the three ageing lifts at Grosvenor Gardens will return the building’s service status to ´excellent` for all of its tenants and visitors. Completion of the second project to facilitate additional space in lobby area once completed will address the increasing demands on space.


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