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Hydraulic Lift Modernisation – Commercial Premises, West London

Project Reference: Lift Modernisation

  • High Profile location
  • Upgrade solutions for improved reliability
  • Work schedules to lower passenger inconvenience
  • Catastrophic failure avoidance

Background: Following on from a tender exercise, Temple Lifts were awarded the contract to refurbish and modernise four Hydraulic Passenger lifts, within a blue chip office block on the outskirts of West London.

Our Approach and Solution: The works were undertaken in a fully occupied and busy office environment, requiring much planning and care to avoid unnecessary concern and inconvenience to the building users.

The works were complex in that the direct acting hydraulic rams were of a borehole design at a depth of 13.5 metres. The project included the replacement and upgrading of the lift controllers, complete hydraulic systems, door operating equipment, landing and lift car controls and signalisation.

The client’s decision to replace the Hydraulic rams and cylinders was to address the realistic risk presented by corrosion of the outer casings. The concern was that due to the continued water ingress of the substrate surrounding the cylinder, there could have been exposure to accelerated corrosion eventually causing the cylinder to burst and the hydraulic pressure to be lost. The risk was a valid consideration, as in this location the surface of the local water table was less than two metres deep.

The decision to replace the rams and cylinders was found to be very timely, as when the rams were removed and examined, it became evident that areas of the cylinders had been exposed to varying water levels, as feared, showing significant corrosion.

Unfortunately, due to the continued water damage, the original bore holes and the cylinder metal jackets were found to have collapsed in several places. This required complex boring processes to be undertaken outside of normal office working hours to reform the structure of the borehole and allow the new water proofed cylinders to be installed.

Several specialists were employed under the strict management of Temple Lifts Limited to assist in this process, including scaffolders and high pressure cutting experts.

The glass lift shafts had to be protected and cleaned regularly following these processes to ensure the building was able to function without concern to the users.

The Result: Together with our client and the appointed lift consultant, we are pleased that this corrosion has been found before any catastrophic failure and now completed; the lifts in this premium building will provide a safe and reliable service for many years to come.

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