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Lift Installation – Imperial College IRDB, London SW7

Reliability – a fundamental requirement of any lift

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Temple Lifts have been maintaining the lifts at the Imperial College for some time. However, although under regular scheduled maintenance, the two passenger lifts installed at the college’s Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology (IRDB) were proving to be unreliable. Originally installed in 2001 when the building was constructed, the two lifts, although relatively young, had been causing reliability concerns for the building’s management for a period of time.imperial college irdb

The Temple approach and solution

Working closely with the college’s building management team and consultants, our technical specialists discussed the available options to remedy the reliability issues and provide a long-term, cost-effective solution that would return the building’s lifts to the status they once had.

After much consideration and cost analysis, the college’s building management team decided the best option to improve the lifts’ reliability and reinstate user confidence in the lifts was to embark on a complete replacement programme. The existing lifts were going to be completely replaced with new traditional motor room lifts which along with the motors would also accommodate the lift controllers. Apart from the work in the lift motor room, Temple Lifts also replaced all of the lift shaft equipment, lift cars, control panels, entrance doors and landing signalisation.

Delivering the solution

The lift replacement programme that was agreed required the two existing lifts – an 8 person lift and 13 person lift – to be fully removed from the building. Time frames were tight and inconvenience to the building’s occupiers had to be kept to a minimum. Along with the removal, our engineering and installation teams undertook all of the site work, installation and testing of the lifts prior to their handover to the college.

The Result

The whole project went to plan with on-time delivery, and now the new lifts are fully installed and tested, they have fully restored the essential confidence of passengers traveling in this building’s lifts.


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