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Lift Refurbishment – Holloway Road, London N7

New hydraulics and refurbishment ― three lifts to budget

Project Reference: Lift Modernisation

North London and a lift refurbishment project for premium food retailer Waitrose

Built in the early 90s, the Waitrose store, located on Holloway Road, has been experiencing some reliability issues with the three original hydraulic lifts installed over two decades ago. As part of the John Lewis lift portfolio maintained by Temple Lifts, we have been maintaining these three lifts for some time. Unfortunately, all three lifts were experiencing problems with some of the hydraulic equipment that had reached the end of its serviceable life.

The Temple approach and solution

In consultation with the John Lewis Partnership Head Office Team and the local Store Management, we assessed the potential cost to the store and inconvenience to customers of continuing to maintain the now worn out hydraulic equipment.

waitrose holloway road 2nd entranceTemple Lifts’ proposal was to renew most of the hydraulic equipment used to move the three lift cars, including valves and pumps, and to undertake a refurbishment over other areas of the three lifts. This additional refurbishment work is being done to improve the performance and usability of the lifts for the store’s customers.

The Result

Temple Lifts are working closely with our customer’s team to carefully manage project costs, enabling Waitrose to proceed with this refurbishment within the budgetary constraints laid out by senior management. Additionally, our engineers are taking extra care to manage noise levels whilst they are working to ensure minimum distraction and inconvenience to the store’s customers whilst the refurbishment is underway.

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Waitrose holloway road – Case-Study .pdf

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