Temple Lifts Media Statement: Lift Incident at Tower Bridge

Six years ago, on 11 May 2009 an incident occurred at the North Tower of Tower Bridge when “sealed for life, non-maintainable” bearings in a diverter sheave in the lift mechanism failed. As a result the lift car dropped between 1.5 and 3 metres onto the safety buffers injuring four of the ten passengers. We deeply regret this accident at Tower Bridge and co-operated openly and fully throughout the HSE investigation into establishing the cause. Prior to the incident, emerging sheave/bearing reliability issues were under review and being actively dealt with in conjunction with the client, The City of London Corporation.

As custodians we take the safety of the 30+ million passengers that use the lifts we service every year extremely seriously and we have an exemplary record over our 25-year history having never been the subject of any previous action by the HSE. Subsequently we were one of the first independent lift companies to have achieved ISO 18001 Health & Safety accreditation in 2013 and are committed to, and work tirelessly in ensuring the safety of our clients, the general public and all those affected by the operation of our business.

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