Today, lifts must accommodate wheelchair users, and adhere to the strict requirements of accessibility, documented in the Equality Act 2010, formerly known as the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This legislation requires building owners to make ‘reasonable adjustments for disabled people’. We deliver efficient and cost-effective accessibility solutions that enhance both the building in question, and the disabled person’s experience of the building’s facilities.


There are several requirements that need careful consideration when modernising a lift to improve disability and wheelchair access. The lift entrance and lift car size will both need adjustments to suitably accommodate wheelchair users. Additionally, the buttons of the lift operating panel within the lift car need to be accessible from a wheelchair.

For users with sight impairments or hearing deficiencies, the lift’s operating panel must have buttons that are tactile, whilst including a voice annunciator that confirms to passengers what floor the lift is approaching and stopping at. A recent development for lift car operating panels allow buttons to be programmed to respond to touch, with movement (vibration) confirming that the call has been accepted.

Whatever your requirements, Temple Lifts can provide a wide variety of accessibility solutions for disabled/wheelchair users, from lighting upgrades to full lift car replacement, whilst also helping with impartial and independent advice. By taking advantage of our close working relationships with major manufacturers and specialist equipment suppliers, we ensure equipment compatibility is maintained, providing improved accessibility and safety of your lifts.